Movie Data Manager

A Full-Stack Application that allows users to add, delete, and copy movies in a form.

Built using: Vue.js, C#, .NET v3.5 & Microsoft SQL Server


Anywhere Fitness

The UI for a fitness application built while working with a team of 3 other front-end engineers, a backend engineer, and a project lead

Built using: React & Redux


AirBnB Backend

A Rest API built while working with a cross functional team consisting of 3 front-end engineers, 3 data scientist, and a project lead

Built using: Node.js, Express.js, SQLite3, PostgreSQL & Knex.js

Code API

More Projects

Dad Jokes API

A Dad Jokes API built to solidify my understanding of backend testing with Jest, authentication using JWT's,

Built using: Node.js, Express.js, SQLite3 & Knex.js


Pizza Order Form

A pizza ordering form with form authentication, that utilizes a end-to-end testing framework called Cypress

Built using: React, React Router &


Login / Logout API

An API with login authentication using JWT's that allows a user to register, login, and logout a new user

Built using: React


Dark Mode

A React app that toggles between light and dark mode using React Hooks

Built using: React